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The Best Burgers in Glasgow

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Who doesn’t know the feeling: you have walked around exploring a cool city all day and now all of a sudden you are starving? Lucky for you, I have been around Glasgow’s city centre and tested lots of different eateries and here are my Top 5 burger places!

If you haven’t explored Glasgow yet (maybe it is your first night in this busy city), why not join our self-guided tour of Glasgow:

1. Fat Hippo

86 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5UB

© @FatHippoFood on Instagram

While Glasgow isn’t Fat Hippo’s only location, it is the only restaurant in Scotland! There are several others across England and a Fat Hippo Kiosk in Edinburgh but here in Glasgow, you get the full experience. There are two floors of seating where you can enjoy their famous burgers.

Additionally, they are dog friendly, wheelchair accessible and provide lots of different food options (including halal).

I love eating here. My favourite burger is the Bloody Harrelson (vegan and dairy free but full of flavour!). You have to order the waffle fries as a side, they are fantastic! If you’d rather have a meaty burger, I can highly recommend the Stinky Pete.

2. Buck’s Bar

111 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 2RU and 96 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5EP

© @eatwithpanache on Instagram

Buck’s Bar is a favourite for locals to get a burger and a drink after work. Their slogan ‘Chicken, Liquor and Rock ‘n’ Roll’ tells you all you need to know. It is a super cool place and it is often difficult to spontaneously get a place. I would therefore recommend pre-booking to avoid disappointment.

Buck’s Bar has gluten free and vegetarian options as well.

3. Bloc+

117 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 2SZ

© @Blocglasgow on Instagram

Only a short walk away from Buck’s Bar is Bloc+. So if you can’t get a table in one of them, definitely try the other one.

Bloc+ has been at this spot for over 20 years! As an independent live music bar and venue, it is a cornerstone of Glasgow’s night-life and has been featured on MTV, Dave and stv. Bloc+ has won many awards and acts that have performed here over the years include names such as Twin Atlantic, Frightened Rabbit and Clutch.

I would suggest ordering the Durty Vegan with old bay spiced fries (a portion of chips is massive!) or Smokey and the Bamdit Burger. Both are incredible!

For lunch, Bloc+ offers different meals every day which are really affordable. So whether you stop by for a quick lunch, dinner or a show, you will always leave impressed.

4. Dennistoun Bar-B-Que

585 Duke Street, Glasgow, G31 1PY

© Dennistoun Bar-B-Que

Dennistoun Bar-B-Que’s owners were looking all over to find a place that cooked fresh steak burgers on those giant American chrome griddles – meat from an ‘always-on’ smoker, burning Texas oak. But they couldn’t find it and felt like they had no choice: they had to make it themselves. Highly popular in the Dennistoun area and a little outside of the city but well worth the walk (or taxi ride).

You can either eat in or order and pick up. There are many meatless options, clearly advertised as ‘not a mushy vegetable patty’.

I highly recommend the Bar-B-Q Brisket Bun with purpslaw, fancy bun, delicious pickles, BBQ sauce and lots and lots of brisket. Super delicious and it has so much brisket on it that I had to take half of it off, otherwise the burger wouldn’t fit into my mouth! The brisket I took off was amazing the next day in a sandwich for lunch.

5. The Ivy

108 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2NB

© @myscottishlifestyle on Instagram

Located right in the centre of Glasgow, The Ivy is only a minute on foot away from The Gallery of Modern Art. Buchanan Street is the bustling city centre and home to many high end shops.

The Ivy is a bit more classy than the other suggestions on this list and probably also the most expensive. It is a great choice if you are looking for style and maybe have a fellow traveller who wants typical Scottish pub food instead of a burger.

The Ivy is excellent at creating delicious high end versions of typical pub food. I can recommend the Ivy Truffle Hamburger. You will experience a burger you haven’t before with truffle mayonnaise, horseradish ketchup and thick cut chips. For extra awesomeness, add camembert!

For more great food recommendations and the history of Glasgow city centre, join our self-guided tour around the city centre, complete with an exclusive list of recommendations. Click here to give it a look!

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