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A swam swimming in Bristol Harbourside with SS Great Britain behind

Bristol Self-Guided Walking Tour

Bristol Walking Tour: Your Self-Guided Journey Through History

Dive into the charm of Bristol Harbourside with this immersive self-guided walking tour. Your guide, Helen, is a Chartered Geographer with over two decades of teaching experience, ready to lead you through this vibrant city's rich history.

Experience the Best Walks in Bristol with Your Expert Guide

Having worked and lived in Bristol for many years, Helen is your go-to guide for the best walks in Bristol. She's thrilled to show you around the vibrant Bristol Harbourside, a part of the city where rich history whispers from every corner.


Delve into History: From Bristol Cathedral to Bristol Castle

Our journey begins at Millennium Square, a testament to the city's transformative spirit and an excellent starting point for anyone's day trip to Bristol. Afterwards, on this exciting Bristol walking tour, you'll take a detour to the awe-inspiring Bristol Cathedral, witness the remnants of Bristol Castle, and even explore the city’s industrial heartland. Each step is a stride through centuries of captivating history.

Experience the City Buzz: A Multicultural Bristol Tour with a Splash of Street Art

Today's Bristol is a multicultural hub known for its vibrant street art scene, including original works by the legendary Banksy. Get ready to be dazzled by the city's colourful murals and graffiti as you stroll along its streets. Known for its frequent events, such as the Harbour Festival and the Balloon Fiesta, Bristol's dynamic energy will surround you. Discover why Bristol is recognized as the UK’s second Gold Sustainable Food City, the first Cycling City, and a Fairtrade City, with a keen dedication to sustainable living.

Your Ultimate Bristol Walking Route: What to Expect

Covering approximately 2.4 miles, this tour presents you with the best of walking Bristol. Expect insider tips on top places to eat, drink, and visit. At the end, return to the start on foot, or opt for a scenic harbour ferry ride. All the details are outlined in your Bristol tourist map included with the tour.

Get Started on Your Bristol Walk: Download Our App

After purchasing the Bristol self-guided walking tour, you'll receive an email with further instructions. Download the app, and you’re ready to embark on your unforgettable Bristol day trip, all at your own pace.

Helen's Bristol Introduction
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