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A light signal of Soho Neighborhood

London Self-Guided Walking Tour
Soho Music

Welcome to my self-guided tour around the musical streets of Soho.

I have been involved in the music business for the last 30 years, from running my own dance label to being signed as an artist, to managing a rock band!

I have experienced many stories old and new that I would love to pass on. You will be amazed to discover how some of the greatest acts in the musical world began their careers in Soho. From the stones to Bowie to Elton John to name just a few. We shall see where the sex pistols Squatted and not forgetting where Elton John got his first ever job as a tea boy, later on, we'll go to the venue that Brian Epstein took over and put on The Legend of Jimi Hendrix one fateful night in 1967.

We shall go to a place where Jarvis Cocker wrote a song about a girl he fancied. We will go to Soho Square, and see where Paul McCartney owns a building. We shall also visit the famous Ronnie Scott's legendary jazz club and not far from there is the place where many British rock and roll artists were discovered. Around the corner from there we should visit the Legendary venue the Marquee where so many famous bands have appeared. We will go to a place where The Beatles once helped out the Rolling Stones, and around the corner from there, where a famous photo was taken for Oasis. Not far from there, we will visit a place where John Lennon appeared on a comedy sketch show, then we will end at Trident Studios where many famous bands have recorded amongst others The Beatles.

On this tour, you can walk at your own pace and feel free to walk off-route, if you wish. If you enjoy this tour please feel free to leave a donation at the end.

Thank you and Enjoy the tour!

This activity includes:

  • Domino Theatre

  • Astoria Theatre

  • Denmark Street

  • The 12 Bar Club

  • Regent Sounds Studio

  • No. 6 Denmark Street

  • Mills Music

  • La Giaconda

  • Forbidden Plante

  • Phoenix Gardens

  • Saville Theatre

  • The Borderline Nightclub 

  • Soho Square

  • Ronnie Scott's legendary jazz club

  • Trident Studios

  • The Beatles

  • The Rolling Stones

  • Oasis

  • Charles Chaplin

  • Stories

  • Hidden Gems

  • And much more!

If you buy the tour here, you will receive an email with further instructions (check your spam!). You must download the app to start this amazing experience!

Intro to Soho Music by Evren
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