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Edinburgh Self-Guided Walking Tour
Duddingston Village

Edinburgh Self-Guided Walking Tour: A Scenic Journey from Edinburgh to Duddingston Village

Welcome to Moira's Self-Guided Tour, a scenic journey from the heart of Edinburgh to the charming Duddingston Village. This less-explored yet mesmerizing trail takes you slightly off the beaten path, immersing you in the richness of the past and the beauty of nature. This tour is a delightful blend of history, art, nature, and architecture. Please note, a certain level of fitness is required for the walk, alternatively, you could opt for a taxi.

During this remarkable journey, you'll unveil the magic that lies within Duddingston Village - a slice of history that has witnessed the footprints of Mary Queen of Scots, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Raeburn, and Walter Scott. You will stroll from the old town of Edinburgh, traversing the magnificent expanse of Holyrood Park.

Wander through the captivating streets of Duddingston, where the houses echo tales from a time gone by. Duddingston Edinburgh is not just a place, it's an experience, an encapsulation of the spirit of the city. You'll get to visit Duddingston Loch, one of the city's serene, picturesque spots, ideal for photography.

Discover one of Scotland's oldest working churches in Duddingston Village, and delve into its rich history. Amidst the scenic beauty of Duddingston, you'll find ample opportunities for memorable photographs, leisurely walks, and exploring beautiful gardens.

This Edinburgh to Duddingston walking tour includes:

  • A captivating walking journey from Edinburgh to Duddingston.

  • A visit to the hidden garden at Dundas Close in Edinburgh's heart.

  • Exploring the charms of Canongate, including Holyrood Palace and the Scottish Parliament.

  • A scenic walk through Holyrood Park - Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags.

  • A tranquil visit to Duddingston Loch.

  • A step back in time with Kings and Queens at The Sheep Heid Inn.

  • A peek into Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Cottage.

  • A serene stroll around Duddingston Kirk and graveyard.

  • A visit to Dr Neil’s Garden - Edinburgh’s secret garden.

  • Discovering hidden gems within Duddingston Edinburgh.

  • When you purchase the tour here, you'll receive an email with further instructions (don't forget to check your spam!). Remember, to begin this extraordinary journey from Edinburgh to Duddingston, you need to download the app!

    Welcome to Duddingston Village!
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