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Daniel Huasherr London

Hi, I am Daniel. Originally, from New York, I moved to London as a student a few years down the road.

I am an art historian by profession, with a love of social history and a passion for storytelling. I really enjoy teaching what I know to others courios to learn more. Am always available for private walking and museum tours. 

I currently work at the National Portrait Gallery and have previously worked in all the major London museums including the British Museum, National Gallery, V&A, Science Museum and others. I am an official tour guide and gained my first qualification in 2018.

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Jule Lenzen Edinburgh

Originally from Germany, I moved to Edinburgh in 2017 and have been a tour guide since 2019.

I came here to complete an MSc in English Literature but, after finishing, I decided to stay and share my love for this beautiful city with visitors from around the world! I offer Old Town history tours, Edinburgh Castle tours, dark history tours, Harry Potter tours, and Jacobite & Outlander tours. I am passionate about Scotland’s history and the many fascinating stories that Edinburgh has to offer.
When not guiding, I will usually be found with a book in one of Edinburgh’s beautiful cafes, or exploring the city further - even after 5 years, there is still more to discover!

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Moira Cormack Edinburgh

Moira's family came from the very North of Scotland in Caithness. My great Grandparents came to Edinburgh by boat. They made a home here and were the first Cormack's in the Edinburgh telephone directory.

As a child, I went to school in Edinburgh. By the time I was 18 I had the travel bug and set off but after about ten years the yearning to return home was strong.

I now live on the outskirts of the city where I had raised my four daughters. I am a published writer of children's fairy tales and the local area, the woods, hills and beaches feature in my stories. I am an artist and also a herbalist. My main occupation is as a life Coach.

I have a deep love of my homeland, its history and its culture. For me, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I am happy to call it home.

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Jenny Hughes York and Liverpool 

Born and raised in Warrington, I studied  History at the University of Liverpool and instantly fell in love with the city. 

I have a passion for learning about the heritage of cities and historic places. I am extremely curious and love to help like-minded folks to dig deeper into history. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with people that are actually interested in hearing these stories.

This passion also brought me to study the incredible city of York; its rich Viking history and how it became one of the most powerful cities in medieval England really caught my attention.

I now work full time and have little time to guide tours. Although I still love to do research and explore new cities in my spare time. Pandemic Tours opened the perfect opportunity for me to share this passion online! Of course, my research isn't only focused on heritage, I know a thing or two about the nicest spots to eat or drink as well!


Jake Buttler Chester and Manchester

Having spent almost all my childhood in Wolverhampton, I moved to Manchester when I was a teenager and lived there for more than 10 years.

While studying Linguistics at the University of Manchester I discovered my passion for history and culture. I've always been an adventurer, you will either find me travelling or learning some new craft. 

This lifestyle made me become a Free Walking Tour Guide around 2018, where I mostly covered Manchester's city centre. Then, my interest in Roman History made me incorporate studies in the incredible city of Chester for more than a year.  
I've now travelled to more cities than I can count. I currently live in Barcelona, so I no longer offer guided tours in the UK. Although I am researching the area so stay tuned! 

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