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Outlander Famous Stone in Inverness

Outlander Self-Guided Walking Tour

Inverness Outlander Walking Tour: Dive into History with Alex's Insights

Hello, travelers and Outlander enthusiasts! I'm Alex, your guide through this spellbinding journey. Merging my passion as a literary historian with the enthralling universe of Outlander, I've crafted an experience that unveils Inverness through the eyes of Claire and Jamie while grounding you in real historical tales.

Inverness & Outlander: Stories Set in Stone

From the bustling High Street to the majestic castle, walk in Claire's footsteps, uncovering tales of Flora MacDonald, the tragedies of the Jacobite Rebellion, and the stories that inspired Diana Gabaldon's epic saga. This is no ordinary walking tour; it's a time-traveling experience, guiding you through Outlander filming locations in Inverness and beyond.

Highlights & Hidden Legends: A Self-Guided Expedition

Covering 17 significant stops, we'll dive deep into tales that shaped Outlander and Scotland. From myths and legends to actual historical events, experience pivotal moments like the haunting Battle of Culloden, uncover Diana Gabaldon’s inspirations, and explore hidden gems known only to locals.


Your Inverness Companion: Rich Narratives & Picture-Perfect Moments

This isn't just a walk; it's a journey guided by your curiosity. While I'll provide a recommended path, the beauty of this self-guided tour lies in its flexibility. Take detours, snap photos, and immerse yourself in Inverness's charm, all while absorbing tales from Outlander and Scotland's vibrant history.

Why This Tour Stands Out: A Fusion of Fantasy and Reality

Unlike other walking tours in Inverness, this self-guided experience brings together the magic of Outlander's fictional world and the very real and vibrant history of Scotland. Every location, from filming sites to historical landmarks, is handpicked, ensuring an unparalleled journey that resonates with fans and history buffs alike.

More than Just Landmarks: Dive Deep with Alex's Insights

​With Alex’s academic background and profound connection to the series, this tour isn’t just about visiting locations. It's an opportunity to understand the depth of Diana Gabaldon’s characters, the inspiration behind them, and the intricate history that intertwines with their stories. Gain an appreciation for the series beyond the screen or page, enriched by a historian’s touch.

Ready for a journey through time? Purchase the tour, and an email will follow with detailed instructions. Once the app is downloaded, lace up, and let Inverness's tales captivate you. Whether an Outlander aficionado or new to its allure, this expedition promises unforgettable memories.

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