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Image by Nick Page

Brighton Self-Guided Walking Tour
City Centre


Welcome to Spencer’s self-guided tour of Brighton, where you will be able to enjoy the countless attractions, points of interest and historical buildings that this beautiful seaside city has to offer.


Whether visiting for the day, taking a weekend or extended break or even if you live here or in one of the surrounding areas, you’ll enjoy the plentiful history, leisure attractions, restaurants and bars, and nightlife establishments that this coastal city has to offer in abundance. This self-guided Pandemic Tour is suitable for all ages to enjoy, from solo explorers to groups and families, although bus routes are also provided, should you wish to take some of the routes by road. A designated route has been mapped out for you, but feel free to go off-route at your leisure and make your own way around this self-guided tour.

During your tour, you'll encounter countless photo opportunities and see some memorable sights, as you’ll cover a wide area as you make your way from point to point. The tour lasts approximately 2 hours and is a round trip, starting and finishing at Brighton Pier, and is 3 miles long from start to finish.

My name is Spencer and I am a freelance writer and actor. I have worked extensively as a tour guide for almost two decades. I am very familiar with Brighton, having lived here for a total of ten years, and find it to be an incredibly quirky and vibrant city, which I look forward to sharing with you during your tour.

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If you buy the tour here, you will receive an email with further instructions (check your spam!). You must download the app to start this amazing experience!

Intro to Brighton (Spencer Voice)
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