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Emblematic Timber House at Chester City Centre, a must see location of our self-guided tour around Chester.

Chester Self-Guided Walking Tour
City Centre

Personalised Journey Through Chester: A Self-Guided Roman Tour with a Twist!

Welcome fellow adventurers! I'm Jake, a seasoned traveller and history enthusiast, excited to share with you the magic of Chester, a city that vibrantly blends the past and the present. Join me on a special self-guided tour of Chester city centre, which will transport you back to its Roman origins while also exploring its contemporary charm.

Embark on a Roman Adventure: Uncover Chester's Past and Present

Step back in time as we start our journey at the monumental Chester Cathedral, a place that echoes the city's rich heritage. Our path will take us past the stunning Eastgate Clock, around parts of the renowned Roman Wall, into the echoing Amphitheatre, and so much more. Let's lose ourselves in the historic streets of Chester, which bring to life Roman Britain like no other city in the UK.

Roman Heritage Meets Modern Marvels: Explore Chester's Charms

As we navigate through this immersive Chester walking tour, we'll weave our way from the Roman Gardens and Agricola Tower to Chester's Castle and the tranquil Grosvenor Park. Along the way, we'll uncover hidden gems and lesser-known spots that will make your experience unique and memorable. Remember, this tour is all about setting your own pace, offering you the freedom to delve deeper into the places that fascinate you the most.

Inside Tips, Recommendations, and an Interactive Map: Your Chester Companion

Beyond the walk, this tour is designed to be your comprehensive companion to exploring Chester. It includes a detailed walking map of Chester city centre and handy audio guides and video links that will enrich your understanding of each stop. You'll also get a list of my personal recommendations on where to eat, what to see, and how to get the most out of your time in Chester.

An Affordable, Self-Paced Exploration of Chester's Rich Heritage

While this might not be a conventional Chester Roman tour, it offers you a uniquely tailored and self-paced exploration of this historic city. With a price to suit everyone's budget, you get to experience the best of Chester's past and present.

This activity includes:


  • History and stories

  • Chester Cathedral

  • Grosvenor Park

  • City Walls

  • Roman Amphitheatre

  • Eastgate clock

  • Roman Gardens & Shrine

  • Agricola Tower and Castle

  • Audio Guides & Video Links

  • Hidden Gems, Top Tips and Recommendations

Ready to begin this historical adventure? Purchase the tour here to receive further instructions (don't forget to check your spam!). All you need to do is download the app and let Chester's Roman heritage enchant you!

Chester Tour Intro (Audio guide voice)
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