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Glasgow Self-Guided Walking Tour
City Centre

Explore the Heart of Glasgow: A Self-Guided Walking Tour with Historian Alex

Greetings fellow explorers! I'm Alex, a proud local of Scotland's largest city, and a seasoned historian. I've spent over three years leading walking tours of Glasgow and conducting my PhD research into literature and Scottish history. Now, I'm excited to offer you a specially curated, self-guided tour around the city centre, where, among other things, we'll also discover the vibrant street art that adds a modern pulse to Glasgow's historic heart.

Our Journey Begins: Glasgow Cathedral and the Old Town


Our adventure starts in front of the magnificent Glasgow Cathedral. We'll delve into the city's humble beginnings with St. Mungo, the founder of Glasgow, whose spirit will guide us throughout the tour. After exploring the splendid architecture inside the cathedral, we'll journey through what remains of the medieval city centre surrounding it, meandering down the Old High Street to the picture-perfect Old Tolbooth Steeple.

Historic Figures, Outlander Locations, and Vibrant Street Art: Merchant City and George Square


As we traverse through Merchant City, we'll immerse ourselves in Glasgow’s imperial history and meet some fascinating historic figures on George Square. For fans of the hit show Outlander, there's an added treat: we'll uncover two filming locations on our journey! Along the way, we'll also pause to admire the vivid street art that adorns the city walls, bringing contemporary Glasgow to life.

Concluding the Journey: Modern Glasgow and Beyond

The final leg of our tour takes us to the bustling city centre. From there, the rest of Glasgow's vibrant history, complete with its captivating street art, is yours to discover, if you so wish.

Bonus Recommendations and Affordable Exploration

To round off your experience, you'll receive an insider's list of recommendations featuring exciting places to eat, drink, and explore.


While this might not be your typical free walking tour Glasgow offering, you'll find this self-guided journey provides the freedom to enjoy the city at your own pace, avoiding the rush and crowds. More than that, with the affordability of this tour, you might just have a few extra pounds in your pocket compared to the usual "voluntary donation" fee that you are socially forced to leave when participating in a free walking tour of Glasgow (no worries, we have all been there).

Ready for the adventure? Purchase the tour to receive further instructions (don't forget to check your spam!). Just download the app and you're all set to start your immersive exploration of Glasgow!

Glasgow Tour Intro (Alex Voice)
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