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Friends having a drink togheter in one of the most iconic pubs of Manchester, a must-see location of our self-guided Pub Crawl of Manchester Free Walking Tour Experience.

Self-Guided Manchester Pub Crawl
City Centre

Manchester Self-Guided Pub Crawl: A Journey Through Iconic City Centre Pubs

While Manchester’s population skyrocketed during the Industrial Revolution, pubs sprang up across the city, serving as social hubs for the burgeoning workforce. These historic establishments retain their original charm, blended with modern decor and innovative menus, making the Manchester Pub Crawl a journey through time.

In Brian’s Manchester Self-Guided Pub Crawl, you'll uncover the historical significance of the city centre's most iconic pubs, while savouring the finest pints in town. For the spirits connoisseur, we’ll also recommend pubs offering excellent Gin and Whiskies selections.

Disclaimer: The Audio Guide employs a Computer-Generated Voice.

Disclaimer: The Audio Guide is a Computer-Generated Voice.

Journey through Manchester's Historic Pubs:

  • The Britons Protection: A testament to classic pub culture

  • Peveril of the Peak: An icon amongst Manchester’s pubs

  • The Molly House: Experience Manchester's diverse pub scene

  • The Seven Oaks: The perfect blend of old and new

  • The City Arms: A local favourite

  • Sinclairs Oyster Bar: A gem in the heart of the city

  • English Lounge Manchester: A touch of elegance

  • The Angel Pub: The welcoming spirit of Manchester

  • Castle Hotel: A historic pub with a modern twist

This Manchester Pub Crawl is akin to a "9-hole mini-golf experience", with the goal being to savour a drink at each of the nine highlighted pubs. You must be over 18 to participate and plan ahead as it will take you at least 6 hours to complete the challenge if you try it in one go.

We strongly recommend booking all venues in advance to guarantee your spot.

Purchase your Manchester Self-Guided Pub Crawl here, and you will receive an email with detailed instructions (check your spam!). Remember, you must download the app to begin this unforgettable journey through Manchester's pub history.

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Must Be Over 18 sing

Walking Tour: 4 KM  (2.5 Miles)

9 Stops = 9 Different Bars (see map)

A pint or drink recommendation in each pub

Low-intensity walk at your own pace

Must be over 18 to participate

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