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Five urban green spaces to visit in Bath this spring

Looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? Look no further than Bath, UK, a city filled with an abundance of beautiful urban green spaces. This spring, step into the world of fragrant blooms, tranquil gardens, and stunning views that Bath has to offer. Join us as we take you on a journey through five of the city's most breathtaking green spaces, from the stunning Parade Gardens to the historic Queen Square. So, grab your walking shoes and immerse yourself in the beauty that Bath has to offer this spring.

1. Parade Gardens

Parade gardens is a two-and-a-half-acre Grade II listed park beside the River Avon. It is considered to have some of the finest floral displays in the country, and these start during the spring months. It also has great views of the countryside surrounding the city.

The gardens once belonged to the Abbey and would have lain outside of the town walls. Within the gardens lie:

  • The protected ruins of an old mill, which are believed to pre-date the Abbey.

  • A Grade II listed limestone colonnade, dating to around 1895.

  • An ornate bandstand, which is the location of summer concerts.

2. Henrietta Park

Henrietta Park is a seven-acre site that opened in 1897. It is named after Sir William Pulteney’s only daughter and heir, Henrietta Laura Pulteney. The park contains many beautiful trees, a pergola, shrubberies, and flower beds. There is also a Sensory Garden and a memorial garden to George V, which opened in 1937.

Henrietta Park was created with the stipulation that it must always remain a green space and should never be built on. Old drawings show the original park to be open and unfenced. Nowadays, it is fenced to all sides, with beautiful springtime displays of blossom trees, underplanted with a variety of daffodils.

3. Sydney Gardens

Sydney Gardens is a Grade II listed park, dating from 1795. They are believed to be the only remaining Georgian pleasure garden in the UK. Sydney Gardens is interesting and unique for many reasons:

  • Roman tombstones, urns and even coffins have been excavated on this site.

  • The gardens have both a canal (the Kennet and Avon) and mainline railway running through the centre.

  • It has a temple dedicated to the goddes Minerva

  • Early plans of the site show it once had a bowling green, an adult-sized swing, a labyrinth, a grotto and a feature known as ‘The Ride’, which appears to have been a 15m wide track used for horse riding.

Sydney Gardens have an extensive programme of free events that start during the spring months. These include learning about birdsong, tai chi and mindfulness classes.

4. Royal Victoria Park

Royal Victoria Park is a 57-acre site opened in 1830 by Princess Victoria. The site has open parkland, trees, botanic gardens, a mini-golf course, a skate park and an aerial walkway through the trees. The park has many interesting features, including:

  • The Urban Garden, which is managed and run as a social enterprise to improve the mental health and wellbeing of locals.

  • A triangular column dedicated to Queen Victoria. The different faces of the obelisk features different times in the late Queen’s life.

  • Stunning views up to the Royal Crescent and down over the city.

  • A Grade II listed Victoria bandstand.

  • The Bath War Memorial.

The view from Royal Victoria Park up towards the Royal Crescent is awash with swathes of bright daffodils during the springtime. It really is a sight to behold!

5. Queen Square

Queen Square is a small communal garden dedicated to Queen Caroline, who was the wife of George II. It is surrounded by Grade I listed buildings, some of which were damaged during an air raid attack in 1942. An obelisk in the centre was erected in 1738 as a tribute to Frederick, Prince of Wales (the son of George II and Queen Caroline).

Queen Square is a great place to view blossom trees in the spring. Towards the end of March to the beginning of April, the pale pink blossom of the White Cherry trees bring the square to life, marking the start of warmer days to come.

For more information about these stunning greenspaces in Bath and more, join our self-guided tour around the city centre: where you will see these astonishing places plus a lot more!

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