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Embark on an Extraordinary Journey: Soho Music Walking Tour

Welcome to a fascinating journey through the iconic and vibrant streets of Soho, a hub of musical history and legacy. This Self-Guided Soho Music Walking Tour takes you through a heritage that spans centuries and has indelibly marked the world music scene.

The Birthplace of Musical Legends

Commence your tour at the heart of Tottenham Court Road, right outside the iconic Dominion Theatre. Every step you take will reveal tales of awe-inspiring musical legacy. From the timeless allure of The Rolling Stones, the enigmatic charisma of David Bowie, to the electrifying presence of Jimi Hendrix—all have left their traces in Soho.

Regent Sounds studio where all the music greats recorded here
Regent Sounds studio

An Unforgettable Tour through Soho's Musical Milestones

Uncover the humble beginnings of legendary Elton John, who started as a tea boy in the unlikeliest of places. Visit the residence where the rebellious Sex Pistols defiantly squatted, standing as a testament to their audacity.

An integral stop on our Soho Music Walking Tour is the historical venue where Brian Epstein, the illustrious manager of the Beatles, orchestrated a legendary performance that forever intertwined his band with Jimi Hendrix.

Saville Theatre, where Hendrix and other icons used to play.
The Saville Theatre

Musical Landmarks of Soho Square

Journey to enchanting Soho Square, a significant waypoint in our musical journey. Overlooked by the esteemed Paul McCartney from a building he owns, this location pulses with musical legacy. Discover the location where Prince graced us with two secret performances in a single night, and uncover the residence of a young Mozart, who once called this vibrant neighbourhood home.

The Birthplace of British Rock 'n' Roll

Further along our path, we'll pay homage to the birthplace of British Rock 'n' Roll, the famed 2I’s coffee bar. Nestled around the corner, London's most renowned music venue still echoes with the reverberations of countless iconic performances.

21's Coffee Bar, where British RocknRoll was discovered.
"2I's coffee bar

John Lennon’s Comedy Sketch and Oasis’s Iconic Photo Location

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of comedy as we stand on the very spot where John Lennon participated in a legendary routine. Transport yourself to the captivating album cover of Oasis, revisiting the location where their iconic picture was taken.

The Hallowed Grounds of Trident Studios

Concluding the tour, venture to the hallowed studio where David Bowie's ethereal masterpiece "Hunky Dory" was brought to life, and where The Beatles released their groundbreaking first album on Apple Records. These walls have heard the birth of countless classics and bear the imprints of music legends.

The small alleyway where it all began for Bowie.
St. Annes court

A Regaling Conclusion at an English Pub

As our odyssey nears its end, retire to a centuries-old English pub that has played host to myriad celebrated guests throughout history. Here, I will share with you tales from my personal experiences in the music business, weaving stories that encapsulate the magic, triumphs, and trials of this captivating realm.

Join us on this remarkable Self-Guided Soho Music Walking Tour, a one-of-a-kind excursion through the echoes of music's past. This is where legends once roamed and where the spirit of creativity continues to thrive. Be prepared to be enchanted, enlightened, and inspired in ways you never thought possible. Let's journey together through the lively streets of Soho, walking in the footsteps of musical legends.

Why Choose the Soho Music Walking Tour?

This is more than a walking tour; it’s a backstage pass into the music industry. Our journey traces the steps of your favourite musical icons, their trials and tribulations, successes, and the indelible marks they've left behind.

Uncover Hidden Stories with a Music Industry Insider

As an industry insider, I'll be your personal guide on this musical journey. My decades of experience in the music business, from running a dance label to managing a rock band, ensure you'll hear stories not found in guidebooks.

Support Local Guides and Cherish Authentic Experiences

By joining the Soho Music Walking Tour, you're not only gaining a unique insight into Soho's musical history but also supporting local guides. We champion authentic experiences, allowing you to feel the real pulse of the city and its iconic music scene.


This walking tour is a must for music lovers of all genres. It's a journey through time and music history, seeing the city through the lens of the legends who walked these very streets. And remember, with our self-guided tour, you can walk at your own pace and feel free to explore off-route if you wish. If you enjoy this tour, please feel free to leave a donation at the end.

Thank you, and let's enjoy this musical journey together!

Evren the Tour Guide posing outside Regent Studio
Evren and Regent Sounds Studio

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