The Iconic Prinicpal Building in Manchester City Centre. One of the must see atractions of Pandemic Tours Free Walking self-guided Tour.

Manchester Free Walking Tour
City Centre

Welcome to Jake’s self-guided tour around Manchester city centre! In this amazing experience, you will discover the top attractions of this incredible city through Pandemic Tours lenses.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new or familiar with Manchester: this is an entertaining and informative experience for everyone to enjoy. Strolling around with us you will learn about Manchester's history; from the era when it was founded as a Roman Fort until it became the amazing city it is today. As you walk through Manchester streets, you will also learn about its industrial past, encompassed mostly through its innumerable canals and storehouses all over the city centre.


You will also learn the role this city plays in football, culture, music, art, war and history in general, where you’ll get to know every important figure in this story.

Plus, this tour offers fantastic photo opportunities, the chance to walk at your own pace, and a unique list of insider recommendations.

This activity includes:

  • A lot of walking!

  • History and stories

  • Sackville Gardens

  • Roman ruins

  • Alan Turing

  • Manchester Town Hall

  • John Rylands Library

  • Midland Hotel

  • Royal Exchange Theatre

  • IRA Bomb

  • Vimto

  • Raves

  • Revolutions

  • Hidden Gems

  • Recommendations

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